Jocko Molk Protein Review

Is it time to switch up your daily supplement intake? Keep reading to learn more. In this post, we’ll analyze Jocko Molk protein in detail, outlining its benefits and drawbacks, so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not to give it a try. So let’s check out our Jocko molk review.

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What is Jocko Molk?

Jocko Willink created his own protein powder, called Jocko Molk in 2016. He had “Enough” of protein supplements that claimed to be effective but weren’t. He also had a desire to produce something healthy that people could use to support their healthy lifestyles.

Protein rich Jocko Molk can be mixed with liquids like water or milk. My favorite is to mix it with almond milk. Benefits include more stamina, sharper thinking, less inflammation, muscle recovery, and smoother gastrointestinal functions. Jocko molk has been put up there as the best protein powder of 2023 to build muscle.”

The active component of Jocko Molk is a synergistic combination of nine distinct plant extracts, some of which are turmeric, ginger, green tea, and ginseng. There are claims that the combination of these components has a potent anti-inflammatory impact, boosts brain power, and has other positive health effects.

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Nutrition Facts

Protein Blend: Whey Protein Isolate, Whey Protein Concentrate, Casein, Egg Protein (22g)

Whey Protein Concentrate

Whey Protein Concentrate is 80% protein by weight and contains low quantities of fat and carbohydrates. Consumption of Whey has been linked to increased power output, healthy muscle growth, and the maintenance of post-exercise protein synthesis.

Whey protein is a complete protein; that is, it contains all of the essential amino acids our bodies require and is a by-product of cheese production.

Whey protein isolate

Whey protein isolate is a great source of protein for those struggling with lactose intolerance, as this type of protein has all the fat and lactose removed during an extra processing step. Whey protein isolate provides amino acids essential for muscle repair and has been shown to positively affect strength performance.

Consumption of Whey protein isolate has been linked to increased strength, and healthy muscle growth, aka (muscle building.)

Egg albumin

Often known as egg whites, it’s a nutritious food that contains little fat or carbohydrates but is high in protein, minerals, and vitamins. Egg whites are considered a complete protein since they include all nine of the body’s required essential amino acids. You can get a lot of protein from egg albumin without eating too many calories.

Micellar Casein

A phosphoprotein predominantly present in mammalian milk that is slowly digested and provides a source of amino acids, carbs, and calcium. Casein’s slow digestion means that it continues to supply amino acids to your muscles long after you’ve stopped consuming something. Micellar casein has been found to improve plasma amino acid availability after consumption and to speed up muscle repair. Micellar casein improves muscle rehabilitation and has been found to increase plasma amino acid availability after ingestion.

Other High Quality Ingredients (Enzyme Blend)

Digestive Enzymes-Amylase, Lactase, Lipase, and Protease (19mg), along with L. Acidophilus (10 billion CFU), are all digestive enzymes.

Lactobacillus acidophilus is a popular probiotic because it occurs naturally in the human body, particularly the intestines. The presence of this bacterium in the gut has been linked to a reduced risk of developing lactose intolerance, lower serum cholesterol levels, and an enhanced immunological response. Great for Gut health.

This specially created blend of enzymes helps with the digestion of a wide variety of foods, from carbohydrates and starches to proteins and fats. In addition to aiding in food digestion and absorption, digestive enzymes have been linked to a reduction in lactose intolerance and a plethora of other stomach aches and pains.

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Taste and Mixing of Jocko Molk

Vanilla, the Holy Grail of flavors, was my pick for this Review. They call it Vanilla Gorilla; it has great taste and is out of this world! It tastes like a milkshake from your neighborhood ice cream shop if you mix it with milk. It rivals the likes of Legion and Optimum, two additional top-tier flavored proteins. Jocko molk uses monk fruit to sweeten the protein, and surprisingly, it does not leave a bad taste in your mouth.

Here is a list of some of the natural flavors they offer

  • Bomber with Banana Cream
  • Slayer of Strawberry
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter
  • Mint chocolate
  • The Shadows

The quality of the mixing is also quite high. In terms of blend quality, I rate it a 9. Jocko molk mixed with water is great, which is unexpected given that I usually get clumps when I mix my protein and have to force myself to get through it. If you are bulking and use milk with your protein, it incorporates about the same and gives that pleasant velvety taste.

Pros and Cons of Jocko Molk Protein Powder


  1. High Quality Protein: Jocko Molk protein powder is made with amazing protein content. It contains a blend of grass fed whey protein isolate, micellar casein, and egg protein, which are considered to be among the best sources of protein. And it boasts more protein per serving than most brands.
  2. No Artificial Sweeteners: Jocko Molk does not contain any artificial sweeteners. It is sweetened with monk fruit and stevia, which are natural sweeteners.
  3. Digestive Enzymes: The protein powder contains digestive enzymes that can help with the digestion and absorption of the protein.
  4. Low Calorie: With just 110 calories for one scoop and 22 grams of protein,


  1. Price: One of the main drawbacks of Jocko Molk protein powder is its price. It is considered to be quite expensive compared to other protein powders on the market.
  2. Limited Availability: Jocko Molk protein powder may not be readily available in all locations or online platforms, which can be inconvenient for some consumers.
  3. Allergens: The product contains milk and soy, which can be problematic for individuals with allergies to these ingredients.

Jocko Molk’s Cost and Availability

You can buy jocko molk on the Jocko Fuel website, Considering they don’t use any added sugar or artificial ingredients, the $44.95 starting price for about 31 scoops of Mölk on the Jocko Fuel website is fair.

When you sign up for auto-ship, you’ll save 10%, plus get free shipping, and if you use the coupon code “bearessentials” you’ll save an extra 10%.

Along with Jocko Fuel/Origin Lab’s website, Mölk is widely available through Walmart, Amazon, The Vitamin Shoppe, and others.

Final Thoughts of Our Jocko Molk Review

I think Jocko MOLK is a quality protein supplement. It’s a fantastic source of grass fed protein thanks to its high-quality components and delicious flavor, and buying from this company makes you a winner. It’s a bit more expensive than average, but not by much. Those who enjoy Jocko and wish to show their support for the brand can do so by purchasing the protein powder. If you’re trying to get something cheaper, look for something else. My overall thoughts for this protein is it will go nicely on anyone’s nutritional supplement shelf.

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